The Can The Curb Movement pilot program in Rio Vista, CA was a reaffirming success.


Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic needs was so great, a new food pantry location was opened.

Local volunteers & happy community donors answered the call for the immediate need.


The original idea was to fill a 5x10 storage space. Instead our Delta community rallied and filled a 10x25.

We did it and YOU can too! Even in a pandemic you can help a neighbor in need.


Rally your apartment building, your block or your social club.

Interested in starting a Can The Curb in your area? We'll help at


This story is a beacon of strength for our nation.

People not only want good news, they need good news.

A very special Thank you to the members of the Delta community

and our amazing local volunteers. A strong nation is built on strong communities.


We salute you!

Hello from all of here at US Vet Connect Inc, we would like to say thank you to all of the caregivers and 45,000 non-profits currently serving veterans and their families, we are honored to join your ranks.

US Vet Connect Inc. was formed in 2019 by the Walters sisters, Michelle and Theresa, with the goal of
connecting U.S. Veterans with outstanding American non profit companies that are providing outdoor activities of all types. The more involved we became in our own project, the more we could not ignore the need for additional services. We have since restructured and developed a dedicated plan to preform specialized programs, aimed at improving the overall life of our veterans, feed the hungry, and raising awareness to the issues facing all veterans.

The vision & mission at US Vet Connect Inc. is to build a national organization bound by honor and pride, with the sole purpose of helping as many humans in need as possible, for as long as possible.

With Your Help the future farm will support several operations: the first priority being

to build a 5,000 SF state of the art, automated aeroponics glass greenhouse and grow tons of food in along with harvest hundreds of pounds of the “super food” honey,

All for donation to local food banks.

Our Covid-19 response is to focus 100% of our efforts and resources toward

the immediate food shortage needs.

Our other programs are on hold until after the covid19 pandemic.

Find outdoor adventure for veterans in the United States Now at

The programs we will be fundraising for in the future are programs that include production of custom prefabricated wheelchair accessible homes, install advanced chair lifts and ramps into vehicles, install custom built adaptive driving systems, provide advanced adaptive driver training. In addition, we will provide adaptive fishing and sight seeing trips for disabled veterans, their family and caregivers, and as with all of our programs this one is 100% free to honorably discharged veterans.

Nonprofit Inc. with 501c3 Status.

All Donations are 100% Tax-Deductible.

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