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Can The Curb

Personal Hygiene & Food Drive Page!

It's safe, easy and effective!

Donors fill a box or a bag with canned food or personal care items, then register their donation for safe contact free pickup by calling 877-225-8296, custom keyword text-to-register or by going to www.CanTheCurb.com to schedule a pickup day and time.


On the scheduled day the donor simply sets their donation by the curb or in front of their door where it will be picked up and delivered to a local food pantry by dedicated volunteers.



          What do you need to start "Can The Curb" in your city, block or social club?

What do you need? A desire to help your neighbors in need, a few volunteers to post the flyers and help with pickups when the day comes. The ability to promote your "Can the Curb" Food Drive on social media platforms.

Do you already support a local food pantry or children's home? Do you have an organization in mind that is in need? If so great, if not we can help by coordinating with an organization near you.

How we support you.

We strive to provide all necessary tools needed for you to run a successful "Can The Curb" food drive in your area, to include: all customized to your area.

  • set up a facebook event for your area, easy for you to share on social media

  • provide custom flyers to be posted by your volunteers, you print

  • provide press releases for public service announcement time on local radio

  • temporary custom keyword text-to-register setup, Can the Curb will handle all incoming data

  • advanced mapping software making pickups safe, easy & effective

  • keep you updated on the number of donations registered

  • send you a final list of all donations mapped with the best route.

  • coordinate with local food bank or children's home of your choice or we will work to find a local organization in need.

We firmly believe that you don't have to have a lot, to give a little. To those who have a
little more, we appreciate all even the smallest of donations. Our new COVID 19 donation system is both simple and safe for you and your family.

If you do not have food to give you can donate money to the movement: HERE

Register Your Building,
Block or Social Club For the
"Can The Curb" Donation Movement

What: "Can The Curb", 

The No-Contact Personal Hygiene & Food Drive

You can make a big difference in a neighbors life.


Plan the "Can The Curb" Movement in your area.

Fill out the form above or go to www.canthecurb.com

You don't have to leave the safety of your home to help a neighbor in need.

We make it simple & safe by providing no contact,

curb side pick up of food and personal hygiene donations.

Thanks to the Fundraising efforts of US Vet Connect Inc., we were able to donate 350lbs of Ham to Marcella's Kitchen on 12/12/2020 for their Christmas meal give out!

A special thank you goes out to our donors that made this possible!

Nonprofit Inc. with 501c3 Status.

All Donations are 100% Tax-Deductible.

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