•    Establish a 5,000 square foot, glass greenhouse, equipped with a state of the art Aeroponic growing system, capable of producing forty tons of high-quality organic fruits and vegetables each year, all to be donated to local food banks and soup kitchens.

•    Establish a honey production operation using the latest innovations in production and bee health in order to produce hundreds of pounds of the super food honey to be packaged and distributed to local and national food banks.


A large high tech, fully automated, glass greenhouse will be built, employing a state of the art Vertical Aeroponic growing system, capable of producing three tons of fresh, organic, fruit and vegetables every forty days, and up to forty tons per year, using ninety five percent less water than traditional methods. All food grown, will be packaged and donated and delivered to local soup kitchens and food banks to feed the hungry.  Our organization has teamed with the world’s leading authorities on automated greenhouses and Vertical Aeroponics, to design and construct a beautiful glass structure that will be an icon for the area.

True Garden/Tower Garden Butter lettuce

True Garden/Tower Garden

True Garden/Tower Garden Farm

For information on the Tower Garden by True Garden-Save Up to 98% More Water‎:

Honey & Honey Bees

Honey Bee Pollinating

Honey Flow Hive

Up to 44 lbs of Honey per Harvest per hive

Honey Flow Hive

Honey is a Super Food!

For information on the Honey Flow Hives-Honey On Tap From Your Own Beehive:

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