Save the Queen Mary

The Queen Mary a 38' 1978 Chris Craft Corinthian will be refit and recommissioned for service on Kentucky Lake.  "Caring for those who Care" RECHARGE TOURS. Giving back to our Veterans, First responders, Front line workers, and Caregivers. 


She is a classic, thirty-eight-foot Chris Craft Corinthian Cruiser that has been sitting moorage paid but unattended for the past fourteen years, ever since the owner's wife passed away. At some point, the shore power cords were unplugged, the batteries went dead and the vessel slowly began to fill with water. This is where our organization and the Queen Mary cross paths for the first time.
Our family owns and operates Skipper’s Yacht Services, a yacht maintenance company. Our family also founded and now operates US Vet Connect Inc. a Veteran Based 501 C3 not-for-profit organization. Providing the nation's top free Veterans Outdoor Resource Hub connecting veterans with the great outdoors as well as dedicated to local community food drives feeding thousands each year.
When first approached about the Queen Mary, we were asked to clean her up, to be sold after years of neglect, this service request quickly took a back burner to the fact that she was full of water, and most of her systems had been submerged and no longer operable. We pumped her dry, repowered her bilge system, located and repaired the leak before cleaning her up. The owners attempted to sell her, then tried to donate her, both options failing to leave the aging owner's children paying the slip on a vessel in this condition. We then crossed paths with the Queen Mary for the second time when she was offered to our small organization as a donation.
After much debate, we accepted the donation with the goal of refitting her to provide free daily RECHARGE lake tours to our fellow humans who give so much to serve all of us, Veterans, caregivers, nurses, and first responders. She is a beautiful Chris Craft gem.
The Queen Mary will be returned to service as a 100% electric vessel, purpose-built to accommodate eight guests per day totaling over eight hundred guests per year operating on a dedicated daily schedule. This classic vessel will quickly become an icon on the Great Lake Of The South, with an unforgettable appearance, timing to set your watch by, and foghorns to announce daily departures and arrivals.
Queen Mary Re-Commission Project Overview, Timeline & Budget 2022
Project official start date 3/15/2022
Projected project completion date 7/4/2022
Total 112 Days
Overall Budget $97,000
Queen Mary project overview.
1978 Chris Craft Corinthian
38’ Long X 14 Wide
26,000 Lbs
Current Condition
Donated to US Vet Connect Inc. on 6/15/2022
Located on Kentucky Lake, Gilbertsville, KY
Non Running / Non Functional
Twin Gas Engines / Non-Running / Non-Repairable
Hull Solid / Decks Solid / No Water Damage
Commission Purpose
The Queen Mary will provide free daily tours on KY Lake and the Land Between the Lakes for qualified US Veterans, first responders, nurses, and caregivers from around the country. Tours will depart on a dedicated schedule at 1:00 PM and return at 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Saturday, beginning yearly on 4/1 and ending on 11/1.
Each daily cruise will accompany eight guests totaling an estimated eight hundred deserving guests per year.
Refit Overview.
Pull from water
Clean, prepare and paint the bottom
Remove existing, non-operational gas engines
Install two seventy horsepower Elco electric motors and supporting battery banks
Install one 12 K backup generator
Remove existing shafts and props, update and replace
Install marine navigation electronics
Install solar hardtop to support battery operations and provide cover for guests
Install new electrical wiring to support the new system
Refit the two upper decks to accommodate eight guests in comfort
Refit the aft salon to provide clean, environmentally friendly restroom facilities for guests
Refit main salon, galley, and forward head to accommodate the captain and crew
Remove repair and replace existing windows
Prepare and paint exterior
Return to water to become an icon on Kentucky Lake, serving those who serve us all.
3,500 Pull from water & put on stands
1,500 Supporting controls and equipment
7,200 Solar panels 300 watt 65 x 40 = $300 6 long 4 wide. 24 panels
1,500 Supporting equipment
8,000 Marine toilet and treatment forward and aft
3,000 Marine HVAC
2,000 Bottom prep and paint
1,500 Thru hulls and sea locks
3,000 Marine electronics
2,500 Windows and Doors
3,500 Top Side Remodel
2,500 Interior Remodel
1,300 Put her back in the water
10,000 Top Side Custom Paint / Wrap

46,000 Elco 70 hp Motor / with batteries and mounts 23,000 x 2

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