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Front-line KY TornadO Disaster Relief

We are honored to serve our community.

Proud to promote the exceptional people who make this part of America one of its best gems, who not only are rallying for their community but are inspiring Hope to a torn nation.

12/10/21:  TORNADO event that left the largest path of destruction to date, encompassing 4 states.

mayfield tornado1.JPG
mayfield tornado 3.JPG

12/13/21:  Within hours of our power being restored US VET CONNECT INC, was able to take immediate local action. 55 Refresh Packs to our local Marshall county police and frontline workers.


12/14/2021: 50 Baby bundles were made for The First Baptist Church in Benton who requested baby bottles.


12/15/21:  Started Toys for Tots Tussled by the Tornado, even though the area was devastated Christmas was right around the corner.  A local anonymous donor bought 50 bikes and Trey, manager of  Walmart in Benton donated $11,000 in premium toys, tape & a pallet of wrapping paper 


12/16/21:  Started coordination with out-of-state volunteers team and started local arrangement for the TREE OF HOPE in Mayfield, Ky.  Without Hope there is nothing, but the TREE OF HOPE was on its way to Kentucky for a special Christmas.  

20211217_111727 (1)####.jpg




12/17/21:  Coordinated with STERLING INDUSTRIAL LLC to deliver relief supplies into VFW   This included several hundred Carhartt jackets, industrial tarps, and heavy-duty gloves.  

These desperately needed relief supplies were delivered within a week of the tornado event.  The heavy-duty gloves were noted to save one worker's fingers and the Carhartt jackets were desperately needed for victims who lost everything and clean up workers. The industrial tarps were essential!  This company from 4 hours away filled a semi with essentials and was an in-kind donation valued at over $48,000.


12/17/21 : The first freeze since the Tornado and local supplies are almost exhausted.  we found 8 large propane tanks, purchased and then delivered to a 24-hour relief center in Mayfield.

Please note the pallets of water and the small number of heating items.  YES, these were used that night and saved lives!


12/18/21 :  Local donor makes custom Christmas stockings with Peace and Joy.  His favorite memory of the holiday stocking so he wanted to share that with the kids who were Tussled by the Tornado.  He was doing emergency clean-up work by day and customized these at night.  We filled them with toys and stuffed animals.


12/20/21 : TREE OF HOPE was donated to the town of Mayfield, KY from a private donors front yard.  New York holiday tree 75". Las Vegas holiday tree 42".  KY Tree of Hope 35"  


12/21/21 :  We were blessed by the faithful women of the FIRST BAPTIST MISSIONARY CHURCH in Benton.  A team of 12 Marshall county ladies wrapped each present in love and pre-hugged each baby doll.


12/21/21 :   TEXAS RELIEF WARRIORS flew in 2 planes of toys and family games.  Filled up the Raptor truck.  Delivered by volunteer pilots with holiday cheer.

20211222_142546 (1).jpg

12/22/21 :   TREE of HOPE is decorated by the volunteer team that delivered and is ready for its debut at the CHRISTMAS IN MAYFIELD.  The first event around the holiday tree was on national news.  Sarah Farmer local realtor who arranged the event for kids and her community to get together.

20211222_081733 (2).jpg

"Most beautiful Christmas Tree I have ever seen."
Member of City council in Mayfield

12/22/21: Santa came to Marshall county early and started distributing toys to the communities most in need.


12/23/21:  TOYS FOR TOTS TUSSLED BY THE TORNADO.  There were smiles for miles and yet first bike smiles are the best.

Green and Red Illustration Santa Flyer.jpg

12/24/21:  Donation of relief supplies and clothes from Baltimore.  Jackie Strobel had rallied her community and came to KY to visit her Grandma for Christmas. It showed up in a Uhaul but all the clothes were in vacuum bags so it was more like a box truckload! These were distributed to the most in need along with more toy deliveries.


12/30/21:  Santa is still in town and busy even after the holiday.

aurora toy and cloths giveaway 30dec21.jpg

1/10/21:  THE BIG MOO.  Free TruMoo Milk.  Deliveries made to shelters that are housing tornado victims in Marshall County and local schools. An in-kind donation of $23,000


1/18/21:  THE BIG MOO.  Free TruMoo Milk.  Deliveries made to shelters that are housing tornado victims in Marshall County and local schools. An in-kind donation of $23,000

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